Tightening Stomach Skin

A fan on Facebook asked: “Is there a way to help tighten skin (belly) after weightloss naturally?”

I believe there are several factors that play a part in the tightening of our skin; age, lifestyle, weight, and diet are just a few. The elasticity of our skin varies from person to person. I know that you are younger which is a good thing because your skin has more elasticity and strength than someone my age. Do some muscle building to tighten skin. The skin is a living organ that contains a layer of fat that covers the muscles that cover the skeleton. If the muscle shrinks, the skin will show it. Many wrinkles are caused by one muscle group being used while another group relaxes. After years of this routine, the muscle atrophies and wrinkles set in. Build that atrophied muscle back up through exercise, and the skin will plump up & softening the wrinkles. This would be the most “natural” way to tighten the skin.

Alternatively, you can have a Co2 skin resurfacing treatment done several times and that may give you some tightening or you can try topical creams, but in my opinion most of them don’t work. I believe exercise, a healthy diet & antioxidants will help. This does take time so unless you are willing to do something more invasive stick with these recommendations and slowly, your skin with tighten. Think of it as working from the inside out.

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