Acne Scar Treatment

A fan on Facebook asked: “Hi Tina! My friend has really bad acne scarring on her cheeks and has tried for 10 years and has spent thousands of dollars on multiple variations of treatments and the scars have not improved much. What do you suggest?”

Thank you for your question. Scarring can be a challenge to correct however in my experience, I have found that the Co2 resurfacing laser works well in most cases. There are certain factors that play a role in treatment such as skin color, depth of scarring, and color of the scar. My recommendation for home care would be Retin A or a Retinol, this will help improve texture and stimulate collagen & elasticity. I would love to do a free consult with your friend if she is in Denver. If she’s interested have her call the Center for Advanced Dermatology to make an appointment.

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