About Tina

Tina Siegrist is a Board Certified Paramedical Esthetician (PMA), wellness coach and successful entrepreneur offering free skin and wellness advice. She is also the founder of Team Purpose, a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to building thriving wellness businesses and living life to its absolute fullest.
While working with Dr. David Hurt at the Center for Advanced Dermatology for many years she realized skin is a direct reflection of what is going on internally. She decided to become a certified LiveWell International Coach as well as a SexyFit Coach to promote both inner and outer beauty. Her mentor, Carmen Marshall, created the popular and highly sucessful SexyFit Nutrition Challenge, a 28 day online nutrition program that helps clients healthily shed pounds and look & feel their best.
Tina is passionate about reading, yoga, socializing, traveling, and coaching. She is a Colorado native that continues to make her home in Denver, CO, with her husband Ian and their two children.
Interested in working with Tina directly? Check her out at livewellinternational.com and fill out the livewell partnership application. She welcomes entrepreneurial-minded people every year helping them create their dream wellness businesses.
SexyFit Coach

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