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What’s the answer to dry skin?

A fan on Facebook asked:  “I’m in Colorado and with the dry winter weather my skin has been so dry and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions? Thanks!”

I have found that exfoliating with a product that has Retin-A or Retinol helps with the dryness. At first you will feel that it’s drying but stick with it. Also one of my favorite products is a Clarisonic face brush. This will work wonders with dry skin. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type is key. I suggest asking for samples and trying different moisturizers until you find the one you like. Use a product for at least 2 weeks before deciding if it works or not. Our skin can take time to adjust and sometimes we have a few break outs which isn’t a bad thing. Your skin can “purge” while using something new, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s causing you to break out. I also recommend adding a Vitamin C serum to your regiment, antioxidants “give back” to your skin and can help balance out your natural oils. Lastly be sure to be taking a good multi-vitamin & a fish oil. Our skin is a direct reflection on what’s going on internally and balancing out the health of your cells can help balance out your dry skin.

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