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A fan on Facebook asked: “I am just curious, I have been using the clarisonic for about 3 months now. I like it but I have noticed just recently that my pores seem to look bigger. I have never had large pores and I was putting on face makeup and noticed that they were very visible. Do you think it is my clarisonic? Is there something I can do or using to make the go away? Or at least make them look less visible?”

Good question! I have a couple questions for you…are you using the Clarisonic once a day or twice a day? I recommend using it only once a day.The Clarisonic exfoliates and cleans out the pores. This may make your pores may seem larger since they are no longer filled with bacteria, dead skin and ┬ámakeup so you may be noticing them more. With age our pores can appear larger as well. I recommend mineral makeup and possibly using a primer under your makeup to help the “look” of your pores. Don’t get sucked into products that say they “reduce pore size”! That’s just marketing fluff. The only thing I know of that shrinks the pore size is a procedure called PhotoDymanic Therapy. You can research this procedure; however it’s a big deal to have done. Let me know if you would like more information on it. Thanks for your question! Keep me posted.

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