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Best Preventative Practices

A fan on Facebook asked: “Hi Tina! I’m in my early 20s and want to be proactive about preventing wrinkles. What are some things I can do?”

Great question! One of the best ways to prevent and maintain a youthful look is using an SPF daily. The sun is one of the worst causes of damage to the skin. It prematurely ages us. I also believe someone your age should consider having Microdermabrasion treatments done every 3 months or so. Home care is key as well. I believe we should wash morning and night as well and use an antioxidant (something like a vitamin C serum). Of course your diet and lifestyle plays a part in the aging process as well. If you smoke or drink that can take a toll on your skin and cause premature aging. Eat healthy, supplement with a multi vitamin and an EFA (fish oil). Does that help?

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