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Brown Spots?

A fan on Facebook asked: “Ok. I’m getting old and getting brownish pigmentation on my chin. Any suggestions?”

A brown spot can be many things so it depends on what it is exactly. There are age spots, sun spots, melasma, lentigines, lentigo and many other names for brown spots. If you believe it’s from the sun then there are several different products with ingredients that can help lighten the spots such as hydroquinone or kojic acid. Different laser treatments can lighten spots however it depends on your skin type. I recommend seeing a dermatologist or a medical esthetician before doing anything to confirm what it is and then move forward in selecting a treatment. Thank you for your question. I hope this gives you some direction.

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A fan on Facebook asked: “I am just curious, I have been using the clarisonic for about 3 months now. I like it but I have noticed just recently that my pores seem to look bigger. I have never had large pores and I was putting on face makeup and noticed that they were very visible. Do you think it is my clarisonic? Is there something I can do or using to make the go away? Or at least make them look less visible?”

Good question! I have a couple questions for you…are you using the Clarisonic once a day or twice a day? I recommend using it only once a day.The Clarisonic exfoliates and cleans out the pores. This may make your pores may seem larger since they are no longer filled with bacteria, dead skin and ┬ámakeup so you may be noticing them more. With age our pores can appear larger as well. I recommend mineral makeup and possibly using a primer under your makeup to help the “look” of your pores. Don’t get sucked into products that say they “reduce pore size”! That’s just marketing fluff. The only thing I know of that shrinks the pore size is a procedure called PhotoDymanic Therapy. You can research this procedure; however it’s a big deal to have done. Let me know if you would like more information on it. Thanks for your question! Keep me posted.

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Sunscreen or Moisturizer First?

A fan on Facebook asked: “Hi Tina! I was wondering what is best to put on your face first, sunscreen or moisturizer? Also, if my make-up has sunscreen in it, do I still need to put sunscreen on?”

Great question!┬áThink of your sunscreen as the layer of defense. It should always be the last thing you apply to the skin. Many products have sunscreen in them but it’s usually not enough. If you are going to be out longer than 2 hours at a time in the sun. You should always reapply. In Colorado I recommend using Spf 30 in addition to your other products.

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