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Look good, feel great!

I’ve partnered with LiveWell International and the SexyFit Nutrition Challenge. If you have been “thinking about” making healthy changes to your lifestyle then you’ll want to hear this. SexyFit is offering an AMAZING Mother’s Day Challenge. Check out the details at www.sexyfitnutritionchallenge.com. Be in my tribe by registering with this link: http://bit.ly/UmLjn4 Can’t wait to get SexyFit with all you wonderful ladies (and men too!). Come support the beautiful women in your lives. It’s a great gift!


No Diet that will do

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Welcome to the Art of Balanced Living Blog! I’ve worked as a para-medical esthetician for over a decade and I know what our skin needs. Skin is the biggest organ we have and it’s a direct reflection on what’s going on internally. What we put on topically and what we put in our mouths makes a HUGE difference! My vision is to inform and support others with the myths and bad marketing that we come across daily. I will take my knowledge and pay it forward to all that want to hear! Thank you for following my blog! I hope it brings you happiness, good health & BEAUTIFUL skin. Cheers!


SexyFit Coach

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